Weddings and Banquets Terms & Conditions

Please review our Terms & Conditions (click here to download a printable PDF version):

Deposit – The Verrado Golf Club requires a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to confirm the event.

The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Payment – The remaining balance is due ten (10) days prior to the event. All payments must be in the form of credit card, cashier’s check or money order. Personal or company checks made payable to “Verrado Golf Club” are accepted thirty (30) or more days prior to the event. If an “overpayment” has been made by the client, the Raven will issue a refund check within its current billing cycle

Guarantee – The Verrado Golf Club must receive a guarantee of the exact number of guests expected at least ten (10) days prior to the event. The Verrado Golf Club will calculate the total event cost based upon this guarantee and the client will be responsible for 100% of this cost. If a guarantee is not received, the Verrado Golf Club will use the number of guests estimated on the most recently signed Banquet Event Order (“BEO”) as the guarantee. The Verrado Golf Club can accommodate up to a 5% increase in guests over the guaranteed number at an additional cost. If the size of the party guaranteed differs substantially from the original estimated guest count at the time of contract the Verrado Golf Club reserves the right to move the event to a more appropriate room. The guaranteed number is not subject to reduction.

Food and Beverage Minimum & Room Rental Fee

The Verrado Golf Club requires a food and beverage minimum cost for the event. The Verrado Golf Club requires a room rental fee for the event.

Function Hours

All guests must depart the Verrado Golf Club at or before the event “End Time”. If the event continues after the scheduled end time the client will be subject to an additional $500.00 per hour labor charge (plus applicable taxes) for any hour or fraction of an hour. Facility usage for Wedding and Reception is a maximum of 5.5 hours. Facility usage for a ceremony only is a maximum of 1.5 hours.

Change & Cancellation Policy

Any and all changes to the contracted BEO will be made via “change order.” The change order must be signed and dated by the catering manager and the wedding or event client. No changes will be accepted by telephone. Cancellations must be received by the Verrado Golf Club in writing. For a cancellation within sixty (60) days the client will be charged 50% of the estimated event cost. For a cancellation within seven (7) days the client will be charged 100% of the estimated event cost.

Gratuity and Sales Tax

All food and beverage items are subject to a 20% gratuity and the applicable sales tax. Room Rental Fees and rental items are subject to the applicable sales tax.

Credit Card Authorization Form

The Verrado Golf Club requires a signed credit card authorization form and credit card imprint for the event. Any outstanding charges will be processed to the card on file following the completion of the event.

Banquet Event Order Forms (“BEO”)

At least three (3) months prior to the event, a BEO will be prepared by the Catering Sales Manager indicating complete details of the event. Any modifications to the BEO will be initialed by the Catering Manager and the client. Any modifications cannot be guaranteed within ten (10) days of the event.

Beverage Service

The Verrado Golf Club prohibits service of alcohol after midnight. Last call will be offered at 11:30 pm or 30 minutes before the contracted end time of event. The Verrado Golf Club must provide all beverages including alcoholic beverages. The client agrees to indemnify the Verrado Golf Club for any claims arising out of negligent and/or willful acts by the client or event guests. The client is responsible for the conduct of his/her guests and damages caused with intent incurred to the Verrado Golf Club facilities. The Verrado Golf Club reserves the right to discontinue service to any and/or all guests. Corkage opportunities are respectfully declined. Any alcohol brought in by client or guest will be confiscated. Bar Service is not unlimited, bartenders may refuse service at any time. The Verrado Golf Club reserves the right to call for third party transportation, at guest’s expense, for any guest as needed. Service of liquor shots is prohibited. Bottle wine that is purchased by the bottle may be re-corked and removed by the Bride and/or Groom only. Unless otherwise agreed upon, wedding guests may not purchase alcoholic beverages at the main bar (Grille bar) but must purchase all beverages from the bar provided in the reception space.

Food Service

Due to health regulations, no food of any kind, except a Cake or Cupcakes, may be brought on or leave the Verrado Golf Club property.

Special Orders

There is no refund on special orders and no beer or liquor may be removed from the premises.


Any/All vendors are guaranteed access to the event room approximately two (2) hour prior to the start of the event unless otherwise arranged with the Catering Sales Manager. The Catering Sales Manager must be provided with a list of vendors with contact information prior to the event. Vendors are required to break down and clean up all of their supplies and accessories at the conclusion of the event. No storage will be provided for left items, and the Verrado Golf Club accepts no responsibility for lost or misplaced items. All vendors are independent contractors, the Verrado Golf Club does not assume any responsibility for their performance or contractual obligation made with the wedding party.

Music and Entertainment

For the comfort and convenience of all our guests, the Verrado Golf Club reserves the right to monitor and/or control any audio transmission. DJ, band or any amplified entertainment must conclude at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the “End Time” of the event. All outdoor amplified music must conclude no later than 10pm. Any event entertainment must contact the Catering Sales Manager prior to the event to discuss any/all power needs. Any additional power required is not the responsibility of the Verrado Golf Club.

Shipping and Storage

Any materials shipped to the Verrado Golf Club must have prior approval from the Catering Sales Manager. The Catering Sales Manager must be provided with the times and contact information for any/all items to be delivered. Any materials shipped may arrive no earlier than two (2) days prior to the event and may not remain on the property longer than two (2) days after the event concludes. All materials must be clearly labeled with the name of the event and be addressed to the attention of the Catering Department. Any shipping charges will be paid by the client. If any major handling is required on the part of the Verrado Golf Club, a handling charge will apply. The Verrado Golf Club accepts no responsibility for items stored or left on the property.


The use of glitter, confetti or rice is not permitted inside the Verrado Golf Club or on the grounds. A clean up fee will be assessed if used. All candles require a glass enclosure and/or approval from the Catering Sales Manager. The Catering Sales Manager must be consulted prior to the set up of any displays, etc. The use of nails, staples, glue or any like materials is not permitted on any walls, doors or ceilings of any event room.

Lost or Damaged Personal Property

No items are to be left on the premises following an event. The Verrado Golf Club assumes no responsibility for the damage or loss of any articles left on the Raven property prior to, during, or following the event. If Raven staff determines an item has been left behind by a wedding or event guest, the item will be held at the Verrado Golf Club for a maximum of two (2 )days.

Damaged Verrado Golf Club Property

The client will be responsible for any damage to the Raven property and will be charged for any/all damages to the credit card on file for the event.

Weather and Environment

The Verrado Golf Club assumes no responsibility for weather or any external conditions including but not limited to, color of golf course grass, heat, rain, wind, insects, external noise, ancillary golf related noise, jet aircraft noise. The effects of weather, environment and external factors are uncontrollable/unpredictable and will not affect the final invoice amount of any wedding or event.

Additional Terms and Conditions

The Verrado Golf Club reserves the right to hold more than one event on the property at a time.

*All terms and conditions are subject to change. Final and contractual terms and conditions will accompany a signed event contract.

Yardage Guide

Tees Yardage Rating Slope
Black 7,258 73.9 139
Silver 6,833 71.9 130
White 6,228 69.3 123
Gold 5,402 65.7 114
Forward 5,142 68.6 113

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